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Froghair (named for the golfing term of the fringe around the green), works alongside some of the world's most popular and sought-after companies to supply luxury products for our corporate partners and clientele. These types of brands range from luggage, high-end accessories, luxurious watches, handbags, clothing, recreational sporting goods, outdoor gear, and golf equipment.

Companies that provide high-demand and high-value products as motivators and rewards find that these luxury items bring exemplary performances from employees. When appropriately planned and delivered - awards, gifts, and travel often trump more traditional forms of motivation and incentives such as cash, lapel pins, turkeys, bonuses, etc.

Representing more than 150 well-known American and European brand-name products, Froghair is in a strategic position to efficiently fulfill our clients' orders and provide our clients and their employees with high-end luxury gifts and awards. Our team is standing by to assist you in finding that perfect gift to inspire, motivate, and incentivize your team and organization.

About Us


Deliver the best service and help your employees and clients feel rewarded and valued.


Premium corporate gifting incentivizes growth and encourages loyalty.


Here at Froghair, we know what it's like to be valued. Let us help you personalize rewards for each employee and event.

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Froghair has built a trusting relationship with well-known brands to thrive in this special market. Together we work to help companies of all sizes incentivize growth and show appreciate to employees and clients.

We are here to help you motivate, promote, and fulfill.

- Richard Keeley, CEO

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Corporate Gifting

Growth comes from incentivizing your employees. Your employees should feel valued. Gifts must be meaningful and purposeful. A personalized gift and message can go a long way.

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Promotional Products

Having an event and would like to promote your brand and logo? Handing out memorable products with your company on it spreads awareness and sets expectations of your company.

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Spread brand awareness

Promoting a company goes for vendors too. If you are in the process of creating your brand, we can help you get it out there. Imagine your products being handed out various companies, retreats, and sporting events!



Types of Engraving

Let our expert partners guide you in which type of engraving would be suited best for your proudct.

  • Etching
  • Laser
  • Rotary
  • strategy


    Labelling and Logos

    Not only will we label your gifts with your own logo, but we can also create new designs for you and even add on your company slogan!



    Custom Packaging

    The experience of a gift starts from the very beginning. We provide custom packaging to ensure your clients and employees feel valued from the start.



    Swag Bags

    We will personalize a swag bag with hand-picked products just for your specific event - whether it be a golf touranment, or a fancy Oscars viewing party!

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