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That's our motto! Here at Froghair, we practice what we preach. We thrive in a collaborative and fun atmosphere - this allows us to give you the best customer service possible. 

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Froghair (named for the golfing term of the fringe around the green), works alongside some of the world's most popular and sought-after companies to supply luxury products for our corporate partners and clientele. These types of brands range from luggage, high-end accessories, luxurious watches, handbags, clothing, recreational sporting goods, outdoor gear, and golf equipment. 

Companies that provide high-demand and high-value products as motivators and rewards find that these luxury items bring exemplary performances from employees. When appropriately planned and delivered - awards, gifts, and travel often trump more traditional forms of motivation and incentives such as cash, lapel pins, turkeys, bonuses, etc. 

Representing more than 150 well-known American and European brand-name products, Froghair is in a strategic position to efficiently fulfill our clients' orders and provide our clients and their employees with high-end luxury gifts and awards. Our team is standing by to assist you in finding that perfect gift to inspire, motivate, and incentivize your team and organization.